The joystick changes the message mode on the matrix LED display

Hello everyone, I am new to this, it is a task that is not very clear to me how to do it. Does anyone have an idea, maybe. Namely, the max. the length of the message will be 100 characters. The Password Library is used. The system has 2 modes of operation - one is scrolling the message in a circle, the other is entering a message using the joystick. Clicking the joystick alternates between modes. The message is set up / down, changes the letters in a circle, left / right moves the cursor one place on the display. Thanks in advance!
Components: Arduino Joystick, Matrix Dot Led Display 8x32 and Arduino Nano.

So show us what code you have so far and what it does?

I was puzzled by what you meant by "in a circle" but I gather you mean it just continually repeats. I am not sure why you are using "myDisplay.displayReset()".

Are you seeing the 100 characters as a problem, or just explaining your intended size?

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Make display scroll predefined message first. after it works construct routine of editing this message. After that works, make routine of authenticating the user via password