The LMU26H200

Hello, I managed to get hold of a LMU26H200 made my Cal Amp here is a link to the page

Although I could be wrong and it could be the

However the Data sheets on both devices link to

So I'm not entirely sure of the difference.

So here is my question. I would like to know if it would be possible to hook this up to the arduino, using relays if needed, to get the GPS location of a Robotics project making so I can tell the robot in code to navigate to a certain GPS coordinates. Furthermore I know this is capable of sending speed and other information and it would be nice if I could receive that information as well.

Does anyone have any expertise with these? Would I or would I not be able to hook it up to the Arduino?

Have you looked at page 2 under "COMPREHENSIVE I/O"? And compared that to an Arduino model?

Have you looked at page 2 under "COMPREHENSIVE I/O"? And compared that to an Arduino model?

I'm sorry I have been looking around, but where exactly is page 2 and the Comprehensive I/O? I've been reading

But on page 2 it has nothing of the sort, and I have yet to find a more friendly version to actually hooking up and transfering data short of hooking up to a laptop and installing their software.

I have found however that it is possible to hook up data, I just need to find out exactly how to transfer data between the arduino and the device. I've found out how to provide power to it, and have some pretty good speculations that applying 12V to the ignition wire will just turn the thing on, I have a pretty good Idea of how the thing works, hooking it up to the arduino will be a different matter, but I would very much appreciate it if you could give me a link to the page that you were looking at earlier.