The look of the new forum is revolting

Hi there,

The odds are good that no one cares about my opinion but I’ll give it anyway.

I haven’t been on this forum for a while…
As the page loaded, my first thought was ‘Wait something’s wrong, ho no I hope they didn’t changed it to make it look like some of those other forums I’ve seen that are so horrible… wait they did…argh’.

The main page is horribly overloaded, I don’t need to see an abstract of stuff happening in every part of the forum as soon as I arrive and get a squashed tree of the different categories on the left side.

The topics aren’t sufficiently visually separated with that minimalistic BS trend. Everything kinda blends together, this is absolutely horrible UI.
Same thing for each posts inside a topic… And don’t get me started on that infinite scrolling cr*p.

And one more thing… I kind of want to annihilate that little check mark that keeps disappearing and appearing with a bazooka, that’s not annoying at all.

There is a reason why the ‘forum look’ spread to every corner of the web, it’s because it’s clear and intelligible, information is presented with clear demarcation features.

I had to severely restrain myself to keep the curse words to a minimum, I’m actually kind of surprised I succeded. Well… end of rant for me, good day / evening / night.


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