The Metronome Project

Dear Community,

I would like to a make metronome necklace using Arduino for a project for uni. The ideas of the metronome is very simple, i would like to have the user to turn the metronome to set up their tempo, and a button in the middle for starting and stopping the tempo.

Currently I have purchased:

  • Arduino Nano
  • Coin sized Vibration Motor from Spark Fun - for more infor.
  • Breadboard
  • Female Jumper Wires
  • Male Jumper Wires
  • 12V wall Plug - this is an initial experiment, i will scale it down later
  • potentiometer - to turn to increase the tempo in the vibration motor
  • Clicking Button - to control the start and stop the vibration

I did some research online on how to connect the vibration motor to the Arduino which took me to this site: How to Build a Vibration Motor Circuit

Because it is a metronome, the vibration is not constant but quick small bursts. So i am wondering do i require the following parts below to make the vibration work? These are the parts that are missing from the website above:

  • 1N4001 Diode
  • 0.1µF ceramic capacitor
  • 1KΩ Resistor
  • 2N2222 NPN Transistor

Should i also follow the circuit schematic from that website, or are they alternatives? Ultimately, it is going to be something that hang around your neck so the small form factor is definitely the key.
Thank you for your time,