The MMA7660 (3 axis accelerometer).

With the sample code, is there some way that I can get X,Y,and Z data, to be my sensitive.
As for right now I am only getting two digits read out’s.

What I am shooting for is 3, or 4 digits read out. I have used an 3 analog accelerometer,
it had 3 digits read out and it worked great, but I want to buy 20 of then and the analog chip’s
are hard to get. (MMA7361)

MMA7660 3 axis accelerometer

#include "Wire.h"
#include "MMA7660.h"

void setup() {
  // init oled display
  // wait a while

void loop() {
  // get accelerator data
  Serial.print("X: ");Serial.println(accel.x, DEC);
  Serial.print("Y: ");Serial.println(accel.y, DEC);
  Serial.print("Z: ");Serial.println(accel.z, DEC);

If the output is a floating point number, you can use
Serial.println(accel.x,3); //or 4

Thank You (jremington) it works great.