The most annoying thing about well worded questions... that I answer them myself before I post them. Does anyone else have this same dreadful problem? XD

Thanks for bringing this up. I know this ooooooooooooooooo so well. I don't see it as a problem though. If I don't get on top of something I start to write a well worded question. Is it fixed => problem fixed. Is it not fixed: I have a well worded question 8)

Greeting from Belgium Jantje

Yes, there is a reason this is my fourth post! My first post was before I wisened up, then I read the "Read this before you post.." sticky and vwalah! I am not saying I am amazing or even good at coding and electronics, just that I now approach my questions with a problem solving attitude and I only satirically hate it. I earned my grey hairs and I can be a grumpy old man if I like, even if it is just for pretend.

I answer them myself before I post them

But isn't that great? The simple discipline of having to set out in words and simple terms what your problem is helps you solve that problem.

It is, AWOL, but I like to play the contrary. Another instance of 'well worded questions' occurred today, in sorts. I rewrote a sketch in a fraction of the time, using less variable memory (eeprom?), more concise code, and also with multiple data types I haven't used till now. My knees shake with excitement!

It is the same reason I suggest when asking about code problems that a code snippet: 1. Compile as-is 2. Minimum code required to demonstrate the problem

The process of creating a snippet that demonstrates the problem, generally helps highlight it pretty fast. There's been plenty of times I solved my problem in the post editor before hitting the "Post" button.

Another good way to solve your problem is to explain it to someone. They don't have to know anything about computing but the act of describing to them what is wrong will often give you the clue as to the real cause.

James, that is a good idea. I did that yesterday while trying to fix a section of code, but it didn't register what I did until you mentioned it. Thanks!

Grumpy, finding someone to talk to about it IS the problem! I start explaining why I initialize pin 0 as a byte and not an int and whatever poor sap that I have wrangled up for my programing catharsis turns jelly faced, walking around aimlessly with a little dribble on their chin. They are gone as soon as I turn my back to them. Vanish in thin air! It is truly an amazing phenomenon.

finding someone to talk to about it IS the problem!

Phone your Mum, she will always listen, and be glad to here from you. ;)

Or the cat. The only loyal house hold member, ironically!

I have multiple personalities so we talk to our self. :astonished: One is talking :zipper_mouth_face: One is not listening :P One is nodding in agreement $) One is disagreeing ]:) One is challenging ]:D ...

So it's hard to keep explaining, but we can not run away :D. Yes No Are you sure 8) Greetings from Belgium Flanders Jan~~tje~~

apparently it’s a left brain/right brain thing
the two sides have a low-bandwidth connection
mouth connected to one side, ears to the other
by talking you use this alternate connection
so the other side can help with the problem