The Nano 33 IoT and DS18B20

Hello all,

I'm thinking to buy a Nano 3 IoT together with the DS18B20 temp sensor and a Humidity sensor so I can monitor my Vivarium continiously. This all works fine with my Mega 2560 but as I read that the max voltage for the Nano 33 is 3.3V for the digital and analoge ssignals I was wondering if this goes fine?
The signal wire from the sensor to pin4 (pwm) is connected with a pullup resistor connected to the 5Vdc.

Anybody has exerience with this Nano and sensor combined?

Thanks in advance


Yes, I have one sensor on an ESP32 (3.3V) running for many months without any issue and I just connected another to an Arduino Nano 33 IoT. The example "Tester" run within a minute without any modifications.

I used the DallasTemperature library version 3.9.0 from the Arduino IDE Library Manager.

I powered the sensor from the 3.3V pin on the Arduino.

The datasheet says the supply voltage Vdd can range from 3.0V to 5.5V.

Sorry for the late response but thanks for your answer after downloading the datasheet I found indeed that the DS18B20 should be able to handle 3.3V