The NANO Multi-Function PCB

I have just finished the new PCB
The NANO Multi-Function PCB

V1.1 NANO M.F Features
ATMEGA328P-AU TQFP-32 ATMEL Microcontroller
ICSP Socket for programing
12v dc Power Supply
USB Power Supply
2x Relays for external control
Xbee module socket
4way dip switch
Rest button
I2C Socket
DHT22 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor
FT232RL USB to 232 Serial adapter module
SD Card Module
RTC clock with 3V Battery

More photos


  1. Some more photos
    This new board is great i dont realy use any of the arduino boards now having all the functions i need all on the one board :slight_smile:


Interesting design -- lots going on.

What's the 4-pin header on the top of the board? I can't quite read the silkscreening.

Are the various blue daughterboards also your design or third party?

The 4-pin header is the I2C socket. the USB and SD module boards i got from ebay

And did you mention the rating of those little relays? Both coil switching voltage/current and max. load ratings for current @ VAC & VDC?

The Relays are Omron G5V-1 5V Coil Voltage 5V dc Maximum Switching Power AC 62.5 VA Maximum Switching Power DC 30 W