the nerd not working plz help

hi i have mkr 1000 bundle but am having problems with it the problem is ipadress does not name a type the project is the nerd i have the other part of sketch if needed

#include <RTCZero.h>

Start an UDP connection to get the time in unix,
then set the real time clock (rtc)

unsigned int localPort = 2390; // local port to listen for UDP packets
IPAddress ip(129,6,15,28); // NTP time stamp is in the first 48 bytes of the message
byte packetBuffer[ NTP_PACKET_SIZE]; //buffer to hold incoming and outgoing packets
const int GMT = 1 * 60 * 60; //change this to adapt it to your time zone hoursminutesseconds

unsigned long epoch;

void GetCurrentTime() {

int numberOfTries = 0, maxTries = 6;
do {
epoch = readLinuxEpochUsingNTP();
while ((epoch == 0) || (numberOfTries > maxTries));

if (numberOfTries > maxTries) {
Serial.print("NTP unreachable!!");
while (1);
else {
Serial.print("Epoch received: ");
rtc.setEpoch(epoch + GMT);



unsigned long readLinuxEpochUsingNTP()
sendNTPpacket(timeServer); // send an NTP packet to a time server
// wait to see if a reply is available

if ( Udp.parsePacket() ) {
Serial.println("NTP time received");
// We've received a packet, read the data from it, NTP_PACKET_SIZE); // read the packet into the buffer

//the timestamp starts at byte 40 of the received packet and is four bytes,
// or two words, long. First, esxtract the two words:

unsigned long highWord = word(packetBuffer[40], packetBuffer[41]);
unsigned long lowWord = word(packetBuffer[42], packetBuffer[43]);
// combine the four bytes (two words) into a long integer
// this is NTP time (seconds since Jan 1 1900):
unsigned long secsSince1900 = highWord << 16 | lowWord;

// now convert NTP time into everyday time:
// Unix time starts on Jan 1 1970. In seconds, that's 2208988800:
const unsigned long seventyYears = 2208988800UL;
// subtract seventy years:

return (secsSince1900 - seventyYears);

else {
return 0;

// send an NTP request to the time server at the given address
unsigned long sendNTPpacket(IPAddress & address)
// set all bytes in the buffer to 0
memset(packetBuffer, 0, NTP_PACKET_SIZE);
// Initialize values needed to form NTP request
// (see URL above for details on the packets)

packetBuffer[0] = 0b11100011; // LI, Version, Mode
packetBuffer[1] = 0; // Stratum, or type of clock
packetBuffer[2] = 6; // Polling Interval
packetBuffer[3] = 0xEC; // Peer Clock Precision
// 8 bytes of zero for Root Delay & Root Dispersion
packetBuffer[12] = 49;
packetBuffer[13] = 0x4E;
packetBuffer[14] = 49;
packetBuffer[15] = 52;

// all NTP fields have been given values, now
// you can send a packet requesting a timestamp:
Udp.beginPacket(address, 123); //NTP requests are to port 123
Udp.write(packetBuffer, NTP_PACKET_SIZE);

void printTime() {
// Print date...
Serial.print(" / ");
Serial.print(" / ");

// ...and time
Serial.print(": ");
Serial.print(": ");


void print2digits(int number) {
if (number < 10) {
ing problems with the projects

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thank you i will try that.also i will read that post :slight_smile:

You can refer the one " Arduino Mkr1000 - MKR1000 - Arduino Forum "

I recommended some reference about wifi connection

Before it, check your firmware version+update
Enjoy your mkr1000!