The new 6dof v4 talking to the Arduino

Hi I am a total newbie and in need of some help,
I would like to build a platform on my 4x4 to hold a video camera so…

we got a sparkfun 6dof v4 and an Arduino and some stepper motors with sparkfuns “easyDriver stepper motor driver” boards.

My problem is… How do I put it all together???
I have been doing allot of reading on this site and as helpful as it’s been, I still can find a tut that helps me. any clues would be a great help.

thanks skip

thanks skip

Start simple - according to the Sparkfun site, the IMU will talk serial as well as Bluetooth, so pick ASCII serial, and just start talking to the IMU with a terminal emulator, and that way, you can at least see the messages and make some sense of them, even if the Arduino can't.

You've picked a tough problem to start with, so break it down.

The more I am reading the more I am thinking I got the wrong bit IE the 6df v4. Should I have just got this?

Thanks for any replies Skip

The above link wires directly to the arduino but the 6dof v4 does not (or does it?)
I can read the 6dof using hyper terminal, but how do I get that info to the arduino?

i can read the 6dof useing hyper turminal , but how do i get that info to the arduino