The new Arduino MegaPOE

Hello to all,
I'm a arduino enthusiast with small industrial needs...

Like the dfrobot W5500 POE Board (

It's wornderful if arduino communities can bring to live an new board with these caracteristics :

Processor : mega1280 or up
Ethernet : W5500 onboard
POE Input Voltage: 48V AC/DC (802.3af standard PD device)
Board format : MEGA

What do you think ?

Thanks a lot

You can create this quite easily.

1xMega 2560

1xPOE splitter (or splitter/injector combo).

1xW5500 shield.

It would probably be quite cheap if you can acquire a Mega clone off ebay or similar. And buying the splitter is probably going to be cheaper than a shield with POE built in.

This kit comes to $27.07 AUD for me. Quite a cheap kit for what you get.