The New InduinoX Board

Here is the latest version of our InduinoX board. All Black inspired by Blackwidow board from asynclabs


  • Power Switch
  • RTC with Soldering Points for Battery [ A Battery Holder was making the size bigger]
  • 3 Bright LEDS
  • TSOP
  • IR LED
  • 3 x Switches
  • 1 x LDR
  • 1 x RGB LED

Here are some images… feedback please…


The board Looks Good :slight_smile: The Added features are good But LED’s? :-? proabably a potentiometer like in the previous one will be better

Well there is a potentiometer in the shield… along with a lcd, l298 and screw terminals…
However this is the first prototype of the shield…

Hmm Good I liked the look of the board it looks robust :slight_smile: