The next step, Taking prototype(s) to manufacture

I have come to the point of taking my project into manufacture. Up to this point Arduino has been ideal for the prototype work.

I am not an Electronic Engineer and do not know enough about circuit design to take the steps needed to build the entire project from scratch by combining all of the breakout boards into one shield or complete one piece board including the Arduino Due circuit.

For example the components I am using comprise of: Arduino Due XBee breakout board GPS breakout Accelerometer breakout TFT LCD display breakout (SPI) SD card reader breakout (actually part of the TFT display)

All-in the component costs for the prototype(s) are far too expensive for final design (plus your dependent on others not changing or discontinuing their products).

Now up to this point I have used the libraries (for the most part) that have been provided from the various vendors selling the breakouts. Are royalties associated?

Also of note, this is not multi-thousand unit production. The first run would be in the Sub 100 units range with the outside possibility of a couple thousand units if it really hits a good market. Within reason I am also open to hiring professional services for portions of the project.

Within reason I am also open to hiring professional services for portions of the project.

Well within reason I am open to taking on your board combining task. I have done this for many folks, and usually have several projects going at once. We can take the Due schematic as a starting point and go from there. I would also suggest that the pad spacing of the processor would also yield best results by going to a pro assembly house. You can see some of my designs here

You can design the pcb-board, send model to pcb factory and they’ll do it. Then you have to solder each component, soldering an ATSAM isn’t easy.

The other option is to talk with pcb factory and pay for full assembled pcb (with soldered components). This is more expensive.
I know Itead Studio offers this service.

the place to start is to lay out your custom board with the parts and circuits you need.

get a very small back done by hand and verify it is 100% operational. I have found that some times there is an interference with a fastener, or housing or some such. LED's are not lined up exactly were you want them. and so forth.

once you are satisfied, you can have a few places quote on fabrication. some places will install the parts you send. some will offer to supply.

the larger the run, the lower the cost. but you probably figured that out.

I am in the middle of a project, will have 50 units max, so I chose all through hole so the assembly is easy to do. I looked at laying out and installing the circuits and chips, but in the end, buying a SD card and a RTC to plug in came out better. for that matter, I even went with the pro-mini.

Since I cannot handle doing SMT chips, going with through hole and add-in cards was easier. Also, since it is inside of my enclosure, no one will be looking at the actual board, just the connectors.

Appreciate the reply's everyone. I think I am in a mixed bag of needing some pre-assembly done and having to do some final assembly myself. And thats ok. I think a shield is the way to go. I am going to need a Due for the heart of it all as the program is larger than any of the other boards, but more importantly I need it to be fast. Its for use in a time critical environment and I have allot going on. I have had a couple PM's for board design services (greatly appreciated).

I am typically a bare bones, only what is needed person. This project feels like everything including the kitchen sink design. Plus I have a couple "wish list" items. Added to that list of parts is a GSM chip and possibly an antenna switch for the XBee. But thats not until phase II of the project :)