The "Offline Internet" HTML Pages / file server over Wifi connection

Hi guys,

I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a setup where you have an Arduino Uno serve files to peoples Tablet PC’s and Mobile Devices via Wifi. It is sort of like free Wifi that you would get in a restaurant or airport etc, but uses local storage to serve the files and HTML pages rather than an Internet connection.

I am wanting to use this device in say GP surgeries, Restaurants, Police Stations to name a few as examples, for the following reasons:

For GP Surgeries: distribute electronic leaflets people can download to their phone instantly or view on their mobile device, offer medical advice on common problems, contact details, emergency numbers etc.

Police Stations: Presents Information on crime prevention, home security tips, the law, legal processes etc on various topics and issues.

Bars & Restaurants: For menu downloads, see photos of the food and drinks etc being served, issuing coupons, news about up and coming events, bands, concerts etc.

I had also thought about local councils in city centres etc or key places, it will allow people to access and download information about shop opening times at xmas for instance, where car parking is available in city centre, city hall, help for citizens like citizens advice bureau numbers, social security information, housing info and much more. Also use in shops to browse special offers, clothes ranges, products etc without needing to go to them physically in person.

To allow everyone the access to digital information who do not have access to the Internet for whatever reason. Maybe they cannot afford a mobile contract with data capability or maybe their monthly allowance has ran out, these wifi hot spots will allow them access to relevant information in the area / premises they are in for free via turning on their phones Wifi capability or their tablets.

Eventually if this works, I want to integrate a touchscreen system so that it can be interfaced with a GUI a series of menus that users can simply click on to get information. I want this so that homeless people etc can have access to information that they may not be aware of like charities that can help or help from local councils etc that they may be entitled to and do not know. Also for emergency situations during earthquakes, landslides, natural disasters etc where communications are down.

It could also be used to distribute Apps from shops, councils, emergency services, event organisers etc which does not eat into people monthly data allowance, nor does it need wires connecting it to a server in the background to process requests. Just power is needed to power the Arduino and Wifi Module.

I understand that to update the details you would need to edit the details on the actual SD Card and go to the physical location and update the code / data / information on the card but that is not a problem.

In total the system with the parts listed above will cost £6.26 (all parts from China) but I will be designing it on my proper arduino uno from maplins I bought to make sure it works correctly.

These are the parts I think would be best used:

WIFI SHIELD - Smart Electronics ESP-12F WeMos D1 WiFi uno based ESP8266 shield for arduino Compatible IDE

Micro SD Card & SDHC(high-speed card) Mini TF Card Reader Module Adapter SPI Interfaces with Level Converter Chip for Arduino

Arduino UNO board

I do have an Ethernet shield with mini SD card slot but you do not want to keep plugging a cable in each time you want to use it, plus only one person can connect at a time whereas wifi may allow several people to connect to one point.

Any thoughts, help and comments would be appreciated.


arduino wifi shield.JPG