The old "'unit8_t' does not name a type"

I copied this code from a book. The transmit and receive have the same error code. It appears that it was created on Arduino 1.0.6 . What do I need to do to get this to compile and upload? Yes, I am an old noobe. Last computer course was “Basic”, in 1977. I have a lot to learn! Thanks in advance for your valuable input.

Arduino: 1.8.5 (Mac OS X), Board: “Arduino/Genuino Uno”

#include <VirtualWire.h>

unit8_t buf[VW_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN];
unit8_t buflen = VW_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN;

const char *on2 = “a”;
const char *off2 = “b”;
const char *on3 = “c”;
const char *off3 = “d”;

void setup() {
vw_set_ptt_inverted(true); //For RF link modules
vw_setup(300) // baud rate
pinMode(2, INPUT);
pinMode(3, INPUT);


void loop() {
if (digitalRead(2) == HIGH
vw_send((unit8_t*)on2, strlen(on2));

if (digitalRead(2) == LOW)
vw_send((unit8_t*)off2, strlen(off2)); // send data
vw_wait_tx(); //wait a moment
if (digitalRead(3) == HIGH)
vw_send((unit8_t*)on3, strlen(on3));
if (digitalRead(3) == LOW)
vw_send((unit8_t*)off3, strlen(off));

//Project 47 - Creating a Wireless Remote Control,
//Transmitter Sketch. “Arduino Workshop” by John Boxall
//Page 275

‘unit8_t’ does not name a type

sailbj: 'unit8_t' does not name a type

No, it does not.

uint8_t on the other hand...

Yours, TonyWilk

When copying code, when the compiler reports an error on that line, the first thing you do should be to verify that you copied that line exactly; you misspelled uint8_t as unit8_t (uint8_t means 8-bit Unsigned INTeger Type)