The OTA function does no work

I decided to use the new IDE
Impossible to update my IOT by OTA.
I use only ESP.
What should be done differently than for 1.8.6 ?

Hi @vVDB. Arduino IDE 2.x does not currently have network port capabilities. This deficiency is being tracked here:

Work is in progress now to implement this capability in a very powerful and flexible manner (follow the links from the link above for details, but it is not finished yet. So for now you should use the stable Arduino IDE 1.8.16 if you need network port capabilities.

But following the links goes to post #123 that has been closed as "it is a feature request that has been delivered".
Lack of OTA support was first posted in Jan 2020, and is still not working. It seems to have slipped through the net.
To recreate the problem in 2.0 rc x:
Compile the BasicOTA example that comes with IDE2 and download via USB.
Select the IP port for communication instead of USB and start download again.
This should use OTA, but fails as "port number is not an integer".

That is correct. The Arduino IDE now has support for network ports and OTA uploads.

It did not "slip through the net". Support was added. It is true that there are still bugs that need to be fixed, but I am able to upload to my MKR1000 via its network port.

Arduino IDE 2.x does not come with a BasicOTA example. The 3rd party boards platform you are using might come with one though.

Please provide detailed instructions I can follow to reproduce the issue.

Is that the full and exact text of the error message? If not, please post the full thing.

Hi Ptillisch,
Thanks for prompt response.
Like the OP, I use ESP (NodeMCU ESP8266) devices, and the IDE does not work with them. I have just reinstalled RC 5 to confirm the error.

The full error message I have just got is:

Compilation complete.
Usage: [options] error: option -p: invalid integer value: '{}'
Upload error: Failed uploading: uploading error: exit status 2

To recreate - select a "NodeMCU 10, ESP12E Module" and try to resend any OTA sketch (eg the BasicOTA example) via an OTA update.
Enter a password when requested and wait (and wait) then error message will appear.

OK, thanks for the clarification. This is a known bug that is being tracked by the Arduino IDE developers here:

So unfortunately it is not currently possible to do OTA uploads to the ESP8266 boards.

If you have a GitHub account, you can subscribe to that issue to get notifications of any new developments related to this subject.

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