The other side of my hobbies

So as much as I'm interested in arduino, I like to make electronic music. But the two are getting more and more intertwined.

I thought I'd post some of the products of the two, involving my homemade arduino polyphonic synth.

Not too much stuff yet, I haven't had the synth working for very long.

Here's a few bars of a song I started (but never finished) using my arduino synth when it still was 2 caps and a resistor on a breadboard (run thru fx, sampled, and chopped up): saw preview

Here's a song I started last weekend, in response to my friend challenging me to use a sound byte of the pronunciation of "doncaster" from a website in one of my songs. The triangle chords that come in a little before halfway through the song are generated by the arduino, controlled via MIDI from my mpc. doncaster preview

I'll probably post some more stuff as I make it. :)

This first song makes me remember an old audio player I used on 486 just playing music on the pc speaker. I think it was probably using PWM. There was a few songs in there and one of them was called 12 warriors.

so much repetitive digital noise ...

Well, this style is not for everyone. :P