The Perfect Murder.

Is it possible?....

Step 1.
Part A. Steal someones sim card from their phone in a pub or something, by the time they notice it will be hours later and if it's a prepaid card, you top it up.... access
the internet data service on the card, make sure you're not seen or picked up on cam stealing that card or they'll have you as a "person of interest" lol
Part B. Record a TV nights of viewing...

Step 2. configure a VPN or do a p2p connection with the stolen 3G sim card and do a p2p voice call, at the other end have your mobile phone Call a "friend" of yours..

(So you end up with a voice call from your mobile cell at home where you live to a friend of yours, you tell him the friend you're at home how's things etc etc, then randomly call him throughout the night)

Step 3. Do the job that needs to be done, take care to wipe forensics, care to not be seen, do whatever a killer would do... but keep making phone calls to friends! when job is done remember to destroy the sim card or anything with prints to prove otherwise.

Step 4. Go home and watch all the TV shows you missed...

Step 5. Destroy all the TV shows you recorded and all the networking tools and anything that could lead back to any possibility of you not being at home.

using that logic, I think the police and forensic's would be stumped.....

Only problem is if someone you know is murdered and they cannot find the killer they will come knocking on your door due to your post. :wink:

lol, they'd have to prove it! :smiley:

Read the books of Edgar Allan Poe - far better scenario's

You would never have gotten away with this before Peter Falk died. :smiley: