The Port is grayed

Hello everyone, I have an arduino, it worked properly but yesterday while I was uploading my code to the arduino it said there is a problem uploading to the board. it was at the end of the day. when I came back today, I saw the Port is Grayed, But the arduino was still on and connected. when I looked at the device manager the arduino wasn't in there. I tried to restart my PC & reinstall Arduino but nothing had changed. I also tried connecting the arduino to another PC but the same thing happened, so its probably the arduino. any suggestions?

Thanks for helpers

Does it pass the "loopback" test posted near the top of this section ?

The loopback test can't be performed if the port isn't detected.

If you're using the same USB cable that you used when it last worked (there's been a plague of bad USB cables this year), and you don't have anything connected to the board (disconnect other devices in case one of them is connected wrong or has failed and is dragging down the supply), that would imply that the board was damaged.

Were you doing anything that might have abused the power rails when you were last working with it? It's fairly easy to damage the serial interface (particularly on official boards and clones that use the same 16u2 as serial chip - the clones with generic serial interface chips seem to be more resistant to abuse) if you do things that abuse the power rail, such as connecting to external 5v via 5v pin while also connected to USB, or driving large inductive loads powered off the 5v pin.