The power supply is heated by the short circuit

I'm heating a nichrome resistor

the problem that the power supply gets hot

You are most likely overloading the power supply and it might catch fire and cause a lot of damage - so STOP.

What are the specs for the power supply (volts and amps) and what is the resistance (ohms) of the nichrome resistor?


Heater elements in a breadboard can melt and damage the breadboard. When experimenting with things
that can get red-hot do it on a ceramic tile or similar heat-proof surface.

nichrome resistor 0.36 ohm

voltage source 12v with 1 amp

voltage source 12v with 1 amp

Use Ohm's law to determine what current an 0.36 Ohm resistor will draw from a 12V source.

Learn these by heart, or write them down and practice using them, they are basic tools you always need to hand:
V = IxR, I = V/R, R = V/I
P = IxV, P = V^2/R, P = I^2xR