The Pro HVAC Module

Smart-HDL Introduce The Pro HVAC Module

ALL your Air condition connection and control Problems now it solved with Smart-HDL, the New Pro HVAC Module and the intelligent DLP LCD Panel introduce you wide range of control

1 - Don't be confused, you can connect single Compressor Stage, Multi Compressor Stages both in 1 Module.

2 - Safety Running time: adjustable Running Sequences for Single and Multi Stage to safe your Compressor.

3 - Safety ON/OFF Protection: ON compressor, FAN safety adjustable delay time

4 - All Modes, Adjustable Cooling Heating, Auxiliary control.

5 - FAN Control: 3 Fan speeds as Low , Medium , High

6 - No Need Convertor: 24 VAC, 110VAC, 220VAC compressors and fans, all can be connected and controlled to the HVAC relays

7 - VAV control, 0-10 VDC controlling with adjustable High, Medium, Low voltage Output

8 - AHU Control, 4-20 mA output

9 - Auto Mode: to auto select between Cool, Heat, Fan in all your year seasons

10 - Adjustable: Temp sensor calibration built in the LCD panel to fit your real room temp.

11 - Extra sensors: Second Temp sensor/ Humidity input 4-20/0-10 V

12 - Diffrent calculation used LCD temp sensor, HVAC ext temp sensor, or Average between both for big halls.

13 - More control: can be control as master slave thermostat for 1 compressor for many DLP LCD panels

14 - Powerfull: each DLP Thermostat can control up to 8 other LCD Thermostat.

15 - Integration: smart-HDL also can control split AC by IR control, 3rd Party HVAC BMS system by RS232.

Smart-HDL care about everyone in the world, to make your home healthy, saves your energy, educates you, and makes you happier.

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“ALL your Air condition connection and control Problems now it solved”

oh really , ALL of them ?

what about zone specific vent actuator outputs ?

only 3 fan speeds ? ever heard of PWM ?
does it have evaporator frost detection and correction provisions ?
how many thermocouples inputs ? just inside the heat pumpts I plan to have 6 , plus at least 3 per room !
how about furnace control, have an input for the photodetector to turn off the ignitor when it’s not needed ? air flow detector to make sure the fan belt hasn’t broken and the core is overheating ? how about multi-fuel systems or fuel heater control ? what I thought you said ALL !!

and where’s the source code anyway ? a general link to your website I couldn’t even find the product in question !!

ok so the reason I reanimated this dead thread is that HVAC is a very important subject that is just perfectly suited for arduino control

and it just happens that HVAC controls are dumb as rocks and most HVAC technicians I met couldn’t tell their coulombs from their dicks ! so I see a hvac-game-changing disruptive technology in arduino’s future and I am sure I am not the first one, except I can’t tell because the arduino forum search is so terrible !! there has to be a least several hvac projects using arduinos at their core, would anyone be so kind as to point them to me

thanks ! (sorry tldr)