The problem with PD(pure data)


I use arduino(usb) with max/msp. If I use arduino with max, it works very well, but I tried with PD, it doesn't work. I used two patch who names are Pduino-0.2 and Arduino2PD. But I can't use.

When I tried with Pduino, I uploaded pd_firmware to the board and I turned it on and arduino-test.pd. And I changed serial port, even port#15,

When I change the serial port Pd sad,

** ERROR ** could not open device /dev/ttyS1: failure(2): No such file or directory

** ERROR ** could not open device /dev/ttyS2: failure(2): No such file or directory


And if I write #16 on the serial port,

It say

comport open 6959828, baud 1 not valid (args: [portnum] [baud])

Do I must install some patch on PD? Just I use Pd extended and I didn't install any patch. Because I saw 'ilstall-notes' in pduino,

Pduino needs the following externals and abstractions:

[arduino], from pd-cvs/externals/hardware/arduino [comport], from pd-cvs/externals/iem/comport [speedlim], from iemlib, pd-cvs/externals/iemlib

If I need externals, where do I take that? I think there is external -'comport' in Pd extended, but I don't know another.

How can I use that?

thank you.

Hello, I think you've got to check if your arduino is really connected to /dev/ttyS1. On my computer it's on /dev/ttyUSB0. Also on your pd patch you could try to send a higher number to open the serial port, it range from 0 to 7 but it could be more. You can look in the PD-list , it has been discussed. Hope it helps you.