The "Read this before posting a programming question ..." thread

It is probably my imagination, but since this thread was removed from the stickies in the Programming section of the forum there seem to have been even more than usual questions posted with code not in code tags.

I know that the thread is reachable via the "Useful links" link but it is not so obvious to a newcomer.

I would suggest that the original sticky about posting a programming question is put back at the top of the programming section, although I realise that when it was there, it, or the advice it contains, were often ignored, but it did provide an easy to reach place to send code tag offenders to.

1 - is it my imagination ?
2 - what do others think about reinstating the thread as a sticky ?

Great idea, should be compulsory reading before being allowed to post on any of the Forums


I see nothing wrong with re-instating it.

Also leave it in the Useful Links Thread.

I guess I was always confused about why there was a separate Thread about preparing programming questions - i.e. separate from the general "how to use .. " thread.

When are we going to see the Useful Links Thread at the top of the other Sections ?


What we really need is for the mods to be able to flag a post in such a way that next time the OP comes to the forum, they are redirected to a boilerplate page telling them to use code tags, with "ok" and "what? I still don't understand code tags!" buttons at the bottom.

What we really need is for....

But that would require the Forum developers to do something - which ain't gonna happen.

So we must make the best of what we have.