(The Right USB driver) = Arduino Duemilanove bd???

Hi I'm trying to find the right USB driver for my Arduino Duemilanove bd. i go to the Arduino website.And Im not sure what one to download ?I'm running Windows XP-PRO Allan :)

On xp sp3 I didn't have to download any driver at all. Maybe run windows-update.

Essentially my arduino was detected and installed automatically.

Hi I tryed it and no luck I'm not sure what's wrong? I went to Arduino website again. and i can not find the USB driver for Windows XP-PRO the one that i need is (FT235R USB UART). But thank's for trying Allan :(


Hi When i go to the website (www.ftdichip.com/drivers/vcp.htm.)Click on Windows XP drivers version 2.04.14 dated 30 th October 2008 (the New's listed drive for Windows XP- PRO) I click on file 2.04.14 Download it (cdw 2.04.14 zip)Open it. there are two folders (1) amd64 has 8 dll files(2) i386 has 5 dll files) In the setup information 5k file it doe's talk about the XP serer2003.but it doe's not tell me how to install it any where.+There is no EXE file in the folder?so how do you install them? That's my problem i don't no how to find or install the the right USB Driver for my Arduino Duemilanove bd. I think it's (ft235 r usb uart) but im not sure. My computers CPU is a AMD I'M running Windows xp-Pro with 2 gig of mem and 400 gig hard drive. Allan :(

http://www.ftdichip.com/Documents/InstallGuides.htm ?

When you download and unzip the Arduino developer enviroment, there is directory called ‘drivers’, where you find all the drivers you need.

You can find developer enviroment here: http://arduino.googlecode.com/files/arduino-0013-win.zip and here is tutorial on how to install everything: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Windows Good luck!

Hi I found the problem all i had to do was Install service pack SP3 for Windows XP-PRO .And them install USB drivers and ever thing worked Thanks to (MadWorm) I never even new there was a service pack SP3 FOR Window xp-pro. I has sp2 installed but not sp3 Allan :)