The SHIFTOUT with 16bit LED DRIVER ???

Hi guys ... could you help = explain me, how can I shiftout data to this led driver TLC59025 (datasheet

Do I have to change in "shiftout code" the FOR (i<8) to (i<16) ???
Or is there a little bit different order of turning LATCH, DATA, CLOCK pin on/off ... then by normal 8bit shift register (like 74HC595) ??? I had a look at the datasheet ... but I wasn't really wiser :frowning:
I woudl really appreciate if someone could explain me, how to "read" the timing diagram to be able to shiftout the data.

Thank you in advance.

As this chip is 'just' a 16bit shift register with added constant current functionality, how about sending it a 16bit word = 2x 8bit ?


Madworm : do you think something like this ???

unsigned int val=61839 //bin 1111000110001111

HighByte = val >> 8; //should sent 11110001
LowByte = val & 0xFF; //should sent 10001111

and then just shift it out ???

And do I have to do any special changes/order of turning LATCH pin on/off ... or it is the same like in tutorial about 74HC595 ???

Should be the same as with a 595. And don't forget to set the OE pin to GND to enable the outputs.

"latch low"
"latch high"

Maybe the order of high/low byte must be reversed. But you'll find that one out pretty quickly. And of course you'll have to see if you need to adjust "most significant bit first" (MSBFIRST) to LSBFIRST.

shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, bitsToSend);