The Supercomputer 'Grid'

Hey guys I’ve read about this article which says that some cool people in switzerland have created a ‘Grid’ which is a computer network in which they can share their processing power. Just like we have internet to share data, they’ve made a ‘grid’ to share processing power. So they managed to connect several computer to create a supercomputer ;D
awesome isn’t it?

Old news but it is cool :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s old but just felt like sharing to people who don’t know about it yet.

awesome isn’t it?

Nope ;D


Isn’t that what seti/folding/etc@home is?

Yes, I was about to mention Seti@home.

Meh, try:


I use Apache JMeter and this can do a similar trick in a rudimentary way.

Oh cool, SETI wants us to help, I’m in!