The truth about the CHRG LED

I'd like to understand the charge LED behaviour when a battery is connected. I've tried different batteries, from 500 mAh to 6600 mAh. Sometimes the LED turns on solid, sometimes it starts blinking sometimes it turns off.

I've read here:

This is what I understand so far:

Solid = charging

Blinking = fully charged? faulty battery? reached 4-hours charging limit? (in this case, when will it start charging again?)

Off = ??

Any help is greatly appreciated!



This is from the PMIC data sheet. The LED operation is the opposite of what is shown here because of how it is connected:


thank you.

So I update my humble understanding as follows:

Solid = charging

Off = Charged or sleep mode

Blinking = over-voltage, temperature or timer fault

I also found this topic:

that says:
"If the capacity of the battery you have connected to the MKR WiFi 1010 is greater than the charge current * safety timer timeout duration then the battery will never get a full charge and the safety timer fault will be expected (you could consider it an indicator that the charge process has finished."

I guess my next questions are:

What's the maximum battery capacity a MKR can charge?

How/when does the charger get out of blink mode and starts a new charging cycle?