The UnoProLogic2 - Ultra Low Cost Open Source Oscilloscope Designed for Arduinos

We just completed development on our brand new product, The UnoProLogic2 - Ultra Low Cost Open Source Oscilloscope Designed for Arduinos. Gives you the right amount of power for debugging Arduinos without the expensive cost of capacity you don't need.

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Good commercial leaflet ! Good website ! Good idea ! Bel enthousiasm !

but : What is the price ? I can't find it.

but IMHO of retire electronicien :

useless product, simple gadget This is misleading users. As soon as they will want to see something other than a LED that flashes they will be very disappointed.

With 100 kHz bandwidth it is impossible to see an I2C transaction ! I2C clock is 100 kHz, so to see I2C clock signals "approximatively rectangular" it is mandatory to have minimum 7 time bandpass so 700 kHz. With your product you see only a sinusoidal clock and amplitude is false because you have 100 kHz bandwidth ---> At bandwidth point amplitude is divided by 2, it's the definition of bandwidth point.

With a bandwidth of 100 kHz users can do very little measurements. The minimum bandpass to work with Arduino is 1 MHz, I recommend bandpass higher than 40 MHz. You seem to forget that avr on Arduino boards is able to deliver signals up to 8 MHz (with the timers).

Perhaps if the product costs less than $ 25 ?

Idea is good but you have to change ADC for one with higher bandpass.

Sorry, but franchising is for me an essential quality.