The Unos Project - Help is Welcome

Hello everyone. I am working on a terminal OS for the Arduino. I have made improvements to it and just released Unos 0.0.2. Any help or ideas for improvement are welcome.

Keep all your singular threads relevant, does this really add any value to whats already been mentioned, and link to the two Unos threads you currently have. Even better ask a mod to merge the three threads; People will get annoyed if they help you in one thread but your attention is in three others you just started on the exact same topic..

V 0.0.1
V 0.0.2

As you are asking for help, the best place is to keep the discussion in one of the threads I linked above (not as many people view 'Gigs & Collaborations'). And if you have general programming questions on something you get stuck on post a quickie in 'Programming Questions'.

Make sure you link everything so people can work out what you are talking about.

@goodinventor: Please stop cross-posting.
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