The Untold Story of Arduino

jrothlander: I've been fighting dozens of people about why they went open source I've also been arguing on another thread

Ok I am done feeding and tending the troll.

For 7 days at least.

Whandall: Bill Gates at least paid a little for the system he created DOS from.

Bill Gates hired a guy who lifted CP/M code (that was still in Winblows up through XP) and gave it a Unix-like file structure.

Bill did not do the work. He just figured out how to screw others as a way up.

jrothlander: I've been fighting dozens of people about why they went open source, and reading Hernando Barragán article finally explained it. I searched for this thread to see if anyone else had thoughts on his article. I think I agree that it is disappointing to discover this information, as the WHOLE point of open source is to share and give credit. But Arduino is not giving him his due credit. I find that disappointing.

I've also been arguing on another thread about why we call compatible boards "clones" when they are not... nothing has been cloned. My conclusion is that if you call the compatible market clones, then you should call Arduino a clone of the Wiring designs. But in the end, the only reason they call them clones is to discredit them. They have to because everything is open source and the only thing to protect is the brand/trademark. But really, I don't think they want to be open source. They are just forced because they started with Hernando Barragán's open source designs.

So when you have no clues that is license to build from your own BS?

Arduino started from 'Wiring and Processing' as an example of Wiring but the whole concept goes further. look up Firmata and maybe visit

Compatibles are not clones. Too bad "we" can't tell the difference. Perhaps "we" are just a bit short on reading comprehension in the face of our own silly notions?