the version problem0022 and 1.05-r2

i have downloaded two programing from the internet,.
one(controllor)was operated well in the version 0022,
the other(blue tooth----slave) was operated well in the version 1.05-r2.
however, i can’t combine them in the same version together.
i know almost nothing about the programming.
so will anyone kind can help me solve this problem, thank you, soooooo much :slight_smile:
and you may see the programe in the attach below.
my email add: expecting your help

BoxzController_20120630.pde (7.61 KB)

Slave.ino (1.52 KB)

What problems do you have in combining the two programs ? Do you get errors when compiling or unexpected results when you run the combined program ?

Post the combined program and a description of the errors here.