Theme Color Scheme


I have been working through changing the theme.txt file upon re-installing 1.6.5 as I need to have a dark background and a light text color for me to be able to see the IDE. I have everything changed to a suitable color, but I cannot figure out what variable effects the color of the actual text (everything that is not a keyword is currently still black). Does anyone know how to change this??

I love the customization allowed here on the IDE on the themes file, but it might be nice for future versions if the user knew what every variable represented, and if they could watch the changes in real time as some of these colors are changed to see how the changes look. I'm sure the color scheme isn't a big deal for most, but for me it is paramount as it's hard to see most color schemes and smaller fonts with my eyes.


Hi Jengil, navigate to the following and edit.


I believe what you want to change is:

<!-- Syntax tokens. -->
<style token="IDENTIFIER" fg="000000"/>   // Set to black normal text.

change to:
<style token="IDENTIFIER" fg="ffffff"/>  // Set to white normal text.