theme.txt identifier for colors of edged round and curly brackets (parenthesis)

Hi everybody,

I customize my color-theme of the arduino IDE 1.8.13
I made start with a dark theme and was able to change things like comment-color, backround etc.

Now in this theme the all brackets are completely black. ANd i did NOT find any identifier for them.
maybe I just don't know the english word or could it be that in Arduino-IDE version 1.8.13 the developers simply forgot to include an identifier for it?

As long as the backround-color is white a dark color for brackets is visible.

any hints and clues are very apreciated
best regards Stefan

I think I might have already shared this with you, but just in case I misremember, here's everything I know about the Arduino IDE theme system:

Hi pert,

thank you ver ymuch for pointing my on this document.
possible that you wrote it earlier. can't remember it too.

So the color of the braces is in the default.xml.

I never would have thought that the color of the braces is controlled by an item called "separator" Seems the guy who has programmed this did'nt take time to think about it to find a well fitting name. Doable to change colors but not very comfortable. So which settings in which file will "overwrite" the settings of the other file? best regards Stefan

You're welcome. I'm glad if it was useful.

If you get a theme you like, you might consider sharing it with the Arduino community. Considering the popularity of the Arduino IDE, there are surprisingly few custom themes available. I originally thought that themes were only a matter of aesthetics, but over time I noticed that people are more often interested in them as a way to overcome visual impairment, so this is actually a matter of accessibility.