There are 10 types of people... Intro to Boolean Algebra in Olympia, WA USA

Thursday Feb 13th, 7pm to 9pm at OlyMEGA.
-edited the date due to a conflict-

There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't. I'm kicking off a series of classes in Boolean Algebra and binary math. And how they are not the same thing.

This will be an Intro to Boolean Algebra. How to work with On/Off aka True/False aka 1/0 logic.

An If/Then statement is an example of a simple Boolean operation. With only two inputs, it can be simple, but things get more complex with real-world multiple inputs. Understanding Boolean Algebra and how to simplify equations can help simplify your coding.

Requirement: Bring paper and a pencil.

Next up will be a more advanced class in Boolean Algebra including Karnaugh maps, then later we'll cover binary math and the limitations of fixed size datatypes.

For those who can't make it this Thursday, or those who can but wish to go over things again, I'm repeating this class on Monday Feb 17.