There is no button on my HC05,what is the baud rate?

There is no button my HC05 bluetooth module. Do I need one?
What is the baud rate I should use?

The default baud rate is 9600. The button is not essential.

There is no button my HC05 bluetooth module. Do I need one?

Absolutely. You need to sew a big brass button on.

WTF are you talking about?

The F is the enable button, commonly used on HC-05 modules. He probably has a JY-MCU breakout board, which does not have a button. He also may not have an HC-05, he only thinks he has, and he actually has an HC-06 on a more modern board like the ZS-040, but the button is missing from the space allocated for it. In that event, the answer in reply #1 still applies.

I think the button is used to be able to change the baud rate of the module. The default rate is 9600 baud but if you want to have a higher one then you have to get into "command" mode where you can use the AT commands. Without the button, I think you have to connect a pin on the module to either high or low to enter the command mode.

This is all essentially correct, hence my comment in reply #1. Assuming you really do have an HC-05, and you really do need to change the baud rate, check the Martyn Currey website. He is the one that actually knows WTF he is talking about, and addresses both button and non-button methods.

Are you saying that I do not know WTF I am talking about?

There is no assuming, I have an hc 05 without a button.

If there is a button, you can change the baud rate. Without it, it is a bit more difficult but can be done.

Anyway, my assumed HC05 is working fine at 9600 baud.

No, I'm not, but the guy in reply#2 mightn't. Having said that, most boards have the button these days, and you will be amazed to find how many who complain of a missing button, actually have an HC-06. You may well find that 9600 is all you need.