Thermal adhesive question

Hi Folks,

I'm currently working on a project that involves switching a large heat pad with a 5v solid state relay, a sharp IR proximity sensor and arduino to switch the relay. Basically what I want to do is use the heat pad as a mechanism to heat a sheet of paper with thermochromic ink, it reacts at 27 degrees celcius. The problem I'm facing is that I need to secure the sheet of paper that has the thermo ink on it to the heat pad without any air gaps so as none of the heat dissapating from the heat pad heats the sheet(thermo) on top of it evenly. I'm not sure but I suppose I'm looking for a thermal adhesive tape. A tape that conducts heat well. Essentially I want this tape to be double sided so I can stick it to the heat pad but I can then stick the paper with thermo ink on it to the tape, so essentially there are three layers of materials. The heat pad, the thermal adhesive tape and the paper with thermo ink on it.

I'm not sure but I was looking at something like this

Or this

Any suggestions would be greatly welcome

Thanks Folks

This stuff might do what you want:

Thermal Conductive Tape

Thanks for your reply Chris Tenone. I was looking at this earlier but was looking for something larger. The two examples I sent, do you think they would do the job?

On this example I sent

It says the thermal conductivity is 950W/m.K

The example you sent says it has a thermal conductivity of .6W/m.k

I'm just wondering if the one for 950W/m.k would be better, as in would it dissipate heat better?

In a previous prototype I used a regular heat pad and Thermal Conductive Tape similar to the example you sent which had a thermal conductivity spec of 0.9W/m.k. It worked fine. I suppose I'm wondering would the 950W/m.k get hotter?


Paper itself is 0.05 W/m/K, so 0.9 W/m/K sounds perfectly adequate for the task.

Probably any adhesive or paste that will prevent the air bubble will work. 27c isn’t very hot... Maybe try some “removable” spray adhesive?