Thermal Camera Display on Laptop

I bought the Adafruit AMG8833 8x8 thermal camera sensor and I wanted to display the 8x8 array (64 values) for temperature on my laptop similar to what the tutorial displays on the TFT LCD Display. Can someone guide me in the right direction? As of now I am using an arduino uno, but I'll use the mega once it's shipped to me. I have attached the link to the tutorial I've been referencing which uses an LCD Display.

You would need some program on the PC to do this. The Processing language is very similar to Arduino and it is not hard to make neat graphical displays in Processing.

Are there any references you recommend I look at? This is my first arduino project and I'm not familiar with coding for it.

Processing language
Into google, to down load processing
Then in the Arduino send the 64 values one at a time through serial when you get a message from processing, a single byte will do.
Then have processing get each value and draw a square of the appropriate colour on the screen.

Not too hard, but I doubt you will find that some one has already done it for you.
A UNO or Mega for this project makes no odds.

Why bother with Processing?
Can't you hang an LCD off the Arduino?

Because he wants a big screen?

A big screen for an 8x8 image?

So it can be seen from the back of the classroom.

I need to obtain a live thermal image of a room and view the results remotely (aka outside of the room) as my robot is driving around the room.

Challenging project!

You will need to learn to program your laptop, so start by choosing a programming language and development system.

I wonder if it would be possible to use PLX-DAQ v2 to import the data into Excel and then use VBA to change the colors of an 8x8 block of cells.

I need to obtain a live thermal image of a room and view the results remotely (aka outside of the room) as my robot is driving around the room.

So nothing much like the problem you posted originally, it just got a whole lot harder. Their is so much more you need to know.

So how far outside the room?
The next room?
The next building?
The next town?
The next county?
The next country?
The next continent?

Right outside the room

If their is Wi-fi that can be received between the two rooms then that might be a way of communicating between the two. You would need a Wi-fi shield on the Arduino.

Does the display NEED to be on the laptop?
If the tutorial displays it on a TFT LCD, maybe you can too.

Transmitter set
Camera, one arduino and a wireless card on the robot.

Receiver set
TFT LCD, another arduino and wireless card in the next room.

Transmitter gets data from camera and sends it across the wireless.
Receiver set receives the data and displays it on the TFT.

Much of the code would be the same as the tutorial.

I've already bought a wifi shield for the arduino. Thanks for the idea vinceherman, I'll do some research and see if it's within my budget. Might need guidance with the code.