Thermal Printer + Firmata, is that possible with one Arduino?


Sorry, this should be in Interfacing Software Section!!

Is it possible to run Firmata on Arduino AND print on a Thermal Printer? Or would there be baud setting conflicts?

I have a Processing sketch handling a dialogue on a screen with relays, buttons, etc. and at some point I would like to print out on a Thermal Printer. The print is always the same though, so it could be in written the Arduino code and only triggered by the Processing Sketch (assuming I manage to merge the Thermal Printer library with the Firmata and Upload it both to an Arduino).

As far as I understand Firmata uses a different baud setting using the Serial than what I see in AdaThermal Printer Library Sketches, but since I'm newbish I'm not sure if thats a problem.
Because the Arduino code is uploaded beforehand, and then I just use the Serial in Processing and it doesnt matter, correct? Or would I need a second Arduino for it?


Some hours later, I at least understood that there can be more than one Serial Open, due to SoftwareSerial. So one way or another, Firmata can run while talking to the Printer?

But I didn't get how I can send a Print from Processing to Arduino, the examples from AdaThermal are directly in an Arduino Sketch....