thermal resistance


can you get thermal resistance of thermo paste, i saw this on "unick silicone heat transfer compound data sheet" Thermal conductivity: 0.9W⁄mK can u convert it to C/W

conductivity = 1/resistanceivity

According to this calculator:°C/

The answer is: 0.9W⁄mK = 0.009C/W

However, I doubt that is the thermal conductivity. It is probably the thermal resistance which is the opposite.

You're getting a bit muddled between resistance/conductance and resistivity/conductivity too.

resistivity/conductivity is a property of a material.

resistance/conductance is a property of a particular object made out of the material.

W/mK is a unit of thermal conductivity (watts per metre-kelvin)

˚C/W is a unit of thermal resistance (degree celsius per watt)

So you can't convert from one to the other unless you know what form the thermal paste is going to take when you put your circuit together.