thermistor AND photoresistor/photocell issue

Hello, so my problem is that with my thermistor and photocell in a circuit, when I use analogread, it returns a value of 55 no matter what.

Some background: I've tried using various sample codes, for both components individually, and none seem to change anything. My circuit is set up standard:

V+ -> 10k sensor resistor -> analog pin -> 10k resistor -> ground

I use "Serial.println(photoPin)" with a previously defined variable "photoPin" (or tempPin), which returns the value of 55, throughout various environmental conditions.

Is my new arduino blown?


Why the resistor dividers? I would think you would want as much resolution as possible. I have a board that has a thermistor and optical sensor and can read them without a divider network.

Also, try to read just one sensor and remove everything else from your code that has nothing to do with the problem. Divide and conquer.