"thermistor does not name a type" error message

hello i’m having difficulty trying to use the THERMISTOR library. http://www.arduinolibraries.info/libraries/thermistor
i’m sure it’s something simple and am hoping you can give me a hint.

i downloaded the .zip file, opened it and copied all the files into a subdirectoy named “THERMISTOR-1.0.2” in the …\ProgramFiles\Arduino\libraries directory.

here’s the code in my programme:

#include <thermistor.h>

thermistor temp(0);

void setup() {


void loop() {
  int sicaklik = temp.getTemp();
  Serialprintln(" C");


Have you looked at the example sketches? Remember, C++ is case sensitive. thermistor and THERMISTOR are two different things. I also notice that they use several arguments when they create the one in the example. Perhaps you should investigate what those are about.

Have you tried the example that came with the library?

C++ is case sensitive; thermistor and THERMISTOR are NOT the same thing.

What is this line supposed to do?

thermistor temp(0);

"thermistor" is not declared anyplace. temp is not declared anyplace.