Thermistor problem

Hi, i am a new at programming Arduino .

i have an thermistor my father has used it in egg hatcher but i dony know any infomaton about its value or using a calibration for it , i have already asked my father but he says it's 5 ohm but i don't think so,
here is a photo of it.

i hope guys you could help me figure it out.

Measure it with a multimeter.

Measure the resistance at three known temperatures and plug the results into a calculator to get the Steinhart-Hart coefficients. You can use these to calculate the temperature at any other resistance.

[](http://" Note 4 NTC Calculator.pdf")

Use the thermistor as one side of a voltage divider and use the voltage to calculate the resistance.

Much easier is a DS18B20 OneWire temperature sensor or an LM35 analog temperature sensor. They both read out almost directly in degrees Centigrade.

If it is a thermistor, it is most likely in the range of 1K to 20K ohms
at room temperature.
If it is an RTD, it will most likely be in the range of 10 ohms to 100 ohms,
in some cases up to 1K ohms.

Measure it with a multimeter.