Thermistor with unknown names and values

I have an embedded thermistor with unknown names and values, but I measured up resistance. At 1.0 K ohm = 0 degrees Celsius and 1.6 K ohms = 100 degrees Celsius. How should I use it with the Arduino? Do I need one or two resistors, and what values will they have to get the maximum precision/resolution, and how should it be connected? I use analoge A0. I just need presentation "Serial.print" of 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Sincerely Alladin65

Have a look here and here.

Thanks, sorry, but can U write it down for me, if you are familiar with, it's easier to understand. If it is possible.

Warmest greetings/Alladin65

I have tried that "sketch" but was of course wrong results values, for I could not understand the values of resistors would have. I want the 1.0k to 1.6k ohm "Thermistor" will be presented as 1 to 1024, and from there I can continue myself. Is it possible or ?