Thermocouple transmitter

take a look here

why would you use one of these instead of a thermocouple on its own ?

cheers for the reply

could you use the thermocouple with an opamp to get it to amplify the tiny voltage

Thank for the reply

can you recommend another method to measure temperatures - i have previously used the lm35 but it does not go very high in temp

i want a datalogger that is capable to be able to measure temps up to 1000 C max

what sort of boards would a professional use instead of the arduino ?

Thank you for the advice, I am loving the Arduino community.

I am a software developer / engineer. Electronics is not alien to me but it is not my core skill

Its just amazing how many shields have become available to make the job simpler for guys like me

the power an Arduino packs for the price is incredible

thanks again for the advice and links