Thermoelectric Generator

Hi! Is it possible to create a wearable device with Passive Infrared that has it's source of power is the body heat with the help of Thermoelectric Generator?

The temperature differential between the human body and its direct environment (clothes!) is typically quite small. Perhaps with very low power consumption electronics it could be done.

I'd have a bit more confidence in mechanical generators as used in some watches, using movements of the body to generate a small amount of power and storing that in a capacitor.

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Yes, but not easily. Thermoelectric generators work from temperature differences, so you have to get rid of the heat.

Particularly with a wearable device, you will find that it is much, much harder to dissipate heat than absorb it from a warm object.

Without a lot of effort you can get enough power to blink an LED, using the LT3108 energy harvester chip.

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