thermokopel type k

hi guys...
i want to make project to acces thermokopel type k using arduino mega 2560.
have you ever made a project using 2 termokopel type k with max 6675 in one arduino mega 2560?
can you help me:

  1. how to wiring in breadboard
  2. and coding arduino

thank you guys, i really need your help.

You need a thermocouple amplifier or suitable thermocouple shield -google is your friend


  1. how to wiring in breadboard

You need to make sure to use a different pin on the Arduino Mega for the CS pin of each MAX6675. If you want to save some pins, you should be able to connect the DO and CLK lines of the MAX6675 each to the same pins on the Arduino Mega.

2. and coding arduino

If you are using the Adafruit MAX6675 library:

You can create multiple MAX6675 objects in your code like this:

// parameters are the CLK, CS, DO pin connections
MAX6675 thermocouple1(2, 4, 3);
MAX6675 thermocouple2(2, 5, 3);

Then you can use the objects like this:


thank you so much for helping me. I will try