Thermos bottle with temperature sensing for a total newcomer

Hello. I have a quite simple sounding project that I'd like to do to start learning about mechatronics and arduinos in general.

The project would include a thermos bottle (the kind of with a cap with threads) and I want to monitor the temperature inside the thermos bottle and send the information to a separate screen nearby. I have no experience with arduinos and very little with electronics in general so I'd like to ask for some guidance here how / where to begin and what kind of hardware could be suitable for this kind of a project

Here is an illustrative photo of what I have in mind

Thank you for your time

How will the Arduino and temp sensor be powered? If by battery, how much room is available and how long must the batteries last? How often should the temperature be updated? What range of temperatures will the inside of the Thermos be?

For a beginner, a cable between the Thermos and the display would be much simpler. It can be a very thin cable with 2 wires. I would recommend a ds18b20 sensor in the Thermos and the Arduino can be connected directly to the display with a long cable to the sensor in the Thermos.

I guess I could reshape the question a bit, lets say I would like to integrate a temp sensor and wireless connectivity to the thermos cap or a separate device with a screen. What would I need to achieve that?

I will look into that ds18b20 sensor and its' requirements, thank you for the reply.

Can you answer any of my questions?

You will need 2 Arduinos. One connected to the temp sensor and a wireless transmitter, and possibly a battery also. The second Arduino attached to the screen, along with the wireless receiver module.

Fitting an Arduino, temp sensor, transmitter module and battery into a Thermos cap, is not a beginner project. I am trying to suggest options that are achievable for a beginner.

Yes, estimation of the room available in the cap is 35 x 35 x 40 mm (I realize this is quite small). As a power source I had a coin battery / cell(s) in mind and a goal that the batteries could last for 1 - 2 weeks at a time. It would be enough if the temperature would be updated every 1 - 5 minutes and the range for temperature would be 20 - 100 degC.

I understand that this is not the easiest project to begin with and might start with a bit more beginner friendly one but it is a one I want to do at some point.

Ok then. What I would suggest to begin is an Arduino Pro Mini, the 3.3V 8MHz version. You will need a usb-serial adaptor to upload sketches to the Pro Mini. This adapter won't be part of the final circuit and can be re-used on other projects. Also a large breadboard, a 16x02 LCD and a few other small components such as resistors and a small trimmer pot for the LCD contrast adjustment. Your first goal should be to read the temp sensor and display it on the LCD. The next step after that would be to use a second Pro Micro (or other Arduino you may have) and a basic pair of 433MHz transmitter and receiver modules to extent the project to wireless.

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Thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely have a look at them.

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