Thermostat to control Motor

I am attempting to complete a project for a Undergraduate course I am taking. I am using the arduino uno for the class and haven’t really gotten familiar with the coding yet.


I want to build a thermostat that when a temp drops to a particular set point it activates a motor. I under stand the basic concepts of the code but I’m not sure how to put it in code that the arduino will understand.

  1. Which temperature sensor will you use?
  2. What are the specs of the motor in terms of stall current and rated voltage?
  3. Do you want only on/off control of the motor, control speed in one direction or control speed with orward and reverse rotation?

My suggestion is to get a temperature sensor and learn how to read it and print results to the serial monitor. To control the motor, you will need some sort of driver. The type of driver depends on the answer to question 3. Learn to control the motor using the chosen driver. Then it is a pretty simple matter of combing the two sketches to do what you want. When you have a question post it here and we will try to help.