Thesis student newb galvanic skin response module

I have exhaustively searched for the answer to my question and I haven't found a specific answer.

How can I export in arduino, a log of data that I've recorded with my galvanic skin response module + arduino?

Would I need to implement certain code or write it myself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How can I export in arduino

Do you mean "from (my) Arduino"? I can't see that exporting it IN Arduino results in an export.

Where have you recorded this data?

Would I need to implement certain code or write it myself?

Yes, and yes (or get someone else to write it).

How about an SD card?

But otoh that might be where you logged the data already: you didn't say.

A Google search for “galvanic skin response module arduino” yields about 26,000 hits.

To export the data you need a means of transfer and a program to receive, store and maybe analyze the data. Most all Arduinos have at least one serial port (the means of transfer). The receiving program can be as simple as the IDE serial monitor. Transfer the data to serial monitor, copy and paste to Excel or whatever. Then there are serial terminal programs that receive the data and write it to a file. More complicated would be to write your own receiving, storing and analyzing program with Pyton, Processing etc.

Or like ardy_guy said, save to SD, pull the card and plug into PC.