They have never had it so good - but ...

There has never been easier access to data on almost any subject that interests you. Yet there are still questions on the Forum from people who seem not to have done the slightest amount of research before asking a question. For example a recent question about solar panels included this gem "ohh i see. there are a lot of variables that must be taken into consideration!! "

What did those sorts of people do before Google?

Or is it just that we were never aware of them?


The internet gives everyone "one notch up" in the ability apartment. Before, these guys were sloths that got nothing done. Now, they are able to explore the internet and find cool things they want to make, almost by chance. The arduino forums are probably the first result on google for a number of questions about these sort of projects, so it's not surprising that sloths choose the first site they see to end their search and plop down a turd of a topic.

OP says, "I've searched all over and haven't found anything" and then I copy-paste their thread title into google and get a couple of hundred tutorials on exactly what they want to do.

I googled the internet already.
Give me some code to do this so I can teach myself how to do this, urgent.


Doubtless you've all looked at the 'wall of shame' topic in this forum.

Fritzing ?!

Think of your own obscenity.

More amusing responses welcome.


Covfefe -- if it was mine it'd be meaningless drivel but instead . it's .. really ... uhhhhhh, wait ....

What a rude thing to say "Covfefe" !


in the ability apartment

The what? Did ability lose the house? Who lives across the hall? Looks?

it's a small skyscraper. Folly lives next door, not looks. Looks is on the other side of town, unfortunately.

Grandson.. my caption..

It was completely lost on his mum and dad.
Abbott and Costello, aren't they politicians?
Yes in Australia we have two pollies named Abbott and Costello.

Tom.. :slight_smile:
(One of the best comedy sketches by two of the best comedians)

Grandson.. my caption..